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Audrey Headband - Crystal + Black


This Audrey Headband is so stunning!! It almost has a crown affect but the weave makes it just a touch more casual.

Stunning Crystal Rhinestone woven over a black satin base.

This weave lends itself to a more "fancy" occasion but feels equally fresh with jeans and tee.


  • Length (measured inside) 13.5"
  • Rocksoft Cording
  • Designed in Los Angeles
  • Made in China

Audrey Headband - Crystal + Black



What Is The Return Policy?

If you are not pleased with your ROCKNOT order, please initiate a return request within 10 days of receiving it.

If you want to exchange for a different style or size, you can do so by returning your original order and placing a new order for the style or length you would like.

How Do I Care For My ROCKNOT Piece?

If you purchased a ROCKNOT Strap, I recommend storing it in one of 2 ways;

1) When it's not on your purse, hang it by the clasp so it always hangs straight.

2) Or spiral it in the same way you received it, when it shipped to you.

3) If it is on your purse, do not hang it by the shoulder with the purse attached for an extended period of time.

(The hook you hang it on could put pressure on the crystals and damage them.)

If you purchased ROCKNOT Jewelry;

1) Try to store your necklace in a place where it can maintain its round shape.

2) Store all jewelry with nothing heavy resting on top of it.

The material has a bit of memory, so you don't want to crumple your ROCKNOT in a ball or it will take some time straighten back out.

What is the size difference between straps?

Petite Straps are approximately 3/4" wide

Twin Weave is 1.5" wide

Magnum Weaves are approximately 2" wide

All Straps come in 46" and 56" lengths.

If you are unsure of what length you require, I recommend measuring a current purse strap that hits you at the right spot.

Will the Strap get caught on my clothing or hair?

MAGNUM STRAPS - In my experience (and I wear mine every day) the answer is no. The pave rhinestones are set INTO the cording so they don't stick out. I have yet to have any strap snag on a single piece of clothing.

However, I am careful to pull my hair to the side when I take it off, so not to pull The Strap up THROUGH my hair.

PETITE / TWIN - Sometimes when this strap is JUST made, the material can have a slight tacky quality to it. You may notice is clings to you hair. This fades after a few wears and you won't notice that anymore.

I avoid wearing FUZZY sweaters with my Straps. It won't snag but it will cling to the strap and you will have to pull them off.


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