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Orly Shani is a Los Angeles native, raised by a family of artists & creators.​

As a teenager, Orly started her first clothing line, a collection of one of a kind pieces, upcycled from thrifted clothing. As an adult, she has built a career as an on-camera Style & DIY expert; hosting her own shows on The E! Network and contributing regularly to The Today Show, Access Hollywood and many others. Every week, Orly releases a jaw dropping DIY to her nearly 500,000 Youtube subscribers on her channel, The DIY Designer.

Orly is also the creator of StyleLanguageTM ; A Cheat Code to Unlock Your Personal Style. Her online course is available at

While ROCKNOT is an expression of Orly's unique StyleLanguageTM; 'Sexy, Edgy, Effortless and Original' it has an identity all it's own. The most important brand pillars for Orly are Quality Control, Customer Service, Functionality and Style.

Each and every piece is durable enough to wear daily but special enough to steal the show!


Do You Ship Internationally?

Unfortunately, we had to pause all international orders for the time being.

We are working very hard to find better shipping partners that will reduce the customs / duties fees imposed by the receiving country.

What Is The Return Policy?

We want you to love your products!

If you don't, we will happily accept returns or exchanges on any unused ROCKNOT items.

Email to initiate a return request within 14 days of receiving it.

-All Straps and Handbags must be returned with all tags attached.

- Straps or Purses with tags removed will only be offered store credit or exchange.

EXCHANGE If you want to exchange for a different style or size, you can do so by returning your original order and and including a note for your exchange request.

If you would like to receive the item faster, you can place a new order and we will refund the return when it's received.

Will the Strap snag my clothing?

Absolutely not! The pave rhinestones are set INTO the cording without the use of prongs, which is what will generally snag. I have yet to have any strap snag on a single piece of clothing.


However, when a strap is BRAND NEW, the cording can have a bit of tacky quality to it. This 100% goes away after a few wears but during that time, I am careful to avoid my hair. If you notice your hair being pulled the first time you wear it, rest assured this will 100% go away once it is "broken in."

You can speed up this process by massaging a light oil on to it.

I avoid wearing FUZZY sweaters with my newer Straps. It won't snag but those little fuzzes can cling to the strap and you will have to pull them off.

How does the Referral Program work?

The amazing thing about ROCKNOT is that they are absolute showstoppers. People WILL 100% stop you and ask you where you got it. 😍 We want to make that exchange beneficial for both of you.

A few days after you purchase, you will receive an email with the Partner Program Signup Link.

Here you will be able to sign up and receive custom link and coupon code you can share with friends, families...and strangers who stop you :)

Both will be trackable so you earn commission on anything they buy, not only the product you shared!


For the time being, please do not post these links on your social media or website.

ROCKNOT is still a very small company and we want word of mouth to help us grow at a manageable pace.

How Do I Care For My ROCKNOT Piece?

If you purchased a ROCKNOT Strap, I recommend storing it in one of 2 ways;

1) When it's not on your purse, hang it by the clasp so it always hangs straight.

2) Or spiral it in the same way you received it, when it shipped to you.

3) If it is on your purse, do not hang it by the shoulder on a coat hook or anything hard. We dont want to damage the crystals.

If you purchased ROCKNOT Jewelry;

1) Try to store your necklace in a place where it can maintain its round shape.

2) Store all jewelry with nothing heavy resting on top of it.

The material has a bit of memory, so you don't want to crumple your ROCKNOT in a ball or it will take some time straighten back out.

What is the size difference between straps?

Petite Straps are approximately 3/4" wide

Twin Weave is 1.5" wide

Magnum Weaves are approximately 2" wide

All Straps come in 46" and 56" lengths.

If you are unsure of what length you require, I recommend measuring a current purse strap that hits you at the right spot.